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Install JDK and set environment variables for Java

1. Install JDK

JDK stands for "Java Development Kit" and is required to develop Java applications and applets. JRE means "Java Runtime Environment" and is used to run Java applications and applets.

You can download the newest JDK from a link below.

Select your platform(usually Windows) and click continue. 
Type your email and password, if you want to register. (not mandatory)

Install application will be popped-up after downloading.
Nothing difficult with this step.

※ If you do not have JRE on your system, JRE installer will be invoked.
※ If you change target install directory of JDK, same change has to be made during JRE installation.

2. Set environment variables

  1. Right-click over 'My computer' and select 'Preferences > Advanced > Environment variable'.
  2. Create a new System variable:
    1. Variable name : JAVA_HOME
    2. Variable value : fullpath of JDK
  3. Find 'Path' element from System variables and MODIFY.(DO NOT CREATE AGAIN!!)
    1. Add '%JAVA_HOME%bin;' at the very first of existing statement.
  4. Add a new System variable 'CLASS_JAVA' with value of '.;%JAVA_HOME%\lib\tools.jar' ans Save
  5. Open command window and type java and javac to confirm that every this is all right.

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